Q. In addition to driving, do drivers take care of other matters?

A. We will make sure every detail goes by the plan, including the slightest details. For example:

▲ Check the booking status prior to customers' arrival. (Room type, dine time, WiFi, check-in and check-out time, Onsen hotel information, Onsen opening time etc.)

▲ Confirm every detail during the trip. (Scenic spot's opening time, restaurant confirmation, traffic condition of the present day)

Q. During the service, how can you keep the high quality service?

A. All our driver guides have many years of experience, and they have been living in Japan for at least 10 years with professional training. All of them are able to be omotenashi with a good attitude to serve. In addition, assisting with our specialized OP, we offer any help to meet customers' needs for every order.

Q. What is your emergency response?

A. For emergencies such as: bad weather, customer's feeling sick, accidents, aircraft delay and so on, we not only have our OP and drivers making swift adjustments that are best suited for the situation, we will also prepare 3 vehicles for emergency situations paired with 3 drivers in reserve. With OP's coordination, we will handle the situation right away, and make sure our customers'rip is double insured.

Q. What types of materials are required to apply for the TOURIST VISA to Japan?

A. Please find the application form and requirements on the following link. Thank you.


Q. What is the charge for the baby seat if I have a baby in a group?

A. We will provide you with a baby seat for free.

Q. How long do I need to book in advance if a driver guide is required?

A. Please make a reservation 24 hours in advance. Therefore, we would have enough time to prepare the vehicle and driver guide, as well as arranging your travel planning in Japan.

Q. What if I do not have a specific travel plan and are not clear with the information and precautions

about different scenic points in Japan?

A. Don't worry. Once you have made a reservation with us, our driver guide will become your personal butler in Japan, who will answer your questions, remind you about precautions and customize the trip for you, making sure that you would have a great time in Japan.

If you have the intention to travel to Japan in the future , please subscribe to YH international WeChat official account. We will recommend various restaurants, as well as Japan travel policy updates to help you have a better preparation before your trip.

Q.   I'm arriving at the airport, and it may take me some time to get my bags and clear customs. Is any

waiting time included in my reservation?

A. There is a '90-minute waiting time' included in your order to allow you to get from your plane to your vehivle. The extra portion of waiting time will be charged per half hour.

Q. What if my flight is early or gets delayed?

A.   Our operators will track your flight and adjust your reservation accordingly in the event of a delay or early arrival. We will contact customers through various methods and give backup plans. Please make sure that you provide us with your airline and flight number at time of booking.

Q. What are the payment methods? Can I just directly make a payment to my driver guide?

A.We have payment methods including: bank transfer, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. Guests can also choose to directly pay in cash to our driver guide.