Universal Studio Japan


Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is located in the flower district of Osaka, Japan. The ceremony was host by American action actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on October 28, 1998. And It officially opened on March 31, 2001. There are a variety of parent-child entertainment facilities, as well as cartoon characters with Japanese characteristics. Also, It is a movie-themed amusement park, divided into New York area, Hollywood area, San Francisco area, Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, Water World, Goodwill Village, Universal Wonderland, Jurassic Park 8 areas.


Among them, the most attractive theme is Harry Potter's Wizarding World Park. In order to create the scene of Hogwarts Castle in "Harry Potter", there are rooms such as the "Dumbledore Principal's Room", "Black Magic Classroom" Gryffindor Lounge, and the "House of Requests". If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this is an excellent opportunity for you to experience the mystery and challenges. Don't miss the [Harry Potter Forbidden Journey] project. The indoor 4D roller coaster allows Harry to take you through all corners of Hogwarts and experience its mystery, thrills and spectacular. If you enjoy the excitement, [Flying Pterodactyl] would be your first choice. An upside-down roller coaster, which gives you the feeling of being caught by a pterodactyl and takes you to the sky. If you are addicted to the old New York, [Spiderman] is your best choice. Follow the little Spider-Man and enter the era of old New York.