Service Package

1. Kimono photography

Professional photographers provide professional services for you In addition to traditional kimono photography, we are also willing to design Taisho romance and oiran experience shooting for you. Under the photographer's lens, there will be a different you!


2. Wedding Photography|Family Travel|Parent-child Travel

Adhering to the concept of "fashionable design and innovative photography", we have prepared the most popular Western-style wedding dresses and different styles of Japanese kimonos to meet your different needs.

Comprehensive high-end modeling design, clothing matching, customized shooting plan, all-round attentive, caring and satisfactory service. It isour responsibilities to make you blessed beside the romantic cherry blossoms in spring, to record your youth and vitality under the bright summer sun, to show your enthusiasm in the red maple leaves in the autumn, and to make a promise in the snow! Professional photographer team, stylist team, kimono dressing team, post-production team. In addition to wedding photography, there are also parent-child travel photography, photo travel photography, and family portrait travel photography. It is your first and best choice for high quality and technology when you travel to Japan!




3. Rickshaw Experience

The rickshaws in Sensoji are Asakusa’s iconic cultural activities. The world’s first rickshaw appeared in Japan during the Meiji era, which has a history of 147 years. Each rickshaw is handmade and expensive. Wearing a kimono, sitting on a rickshaw, a coachman in traditional clothes and a retro rickshaw running on the road, this is such an unique scenery view. Ouka Kimono Experience Hall focuses on customer and dedicated service. It will not only bring you a traditional cultural experience, but also make an amazing and impressive memory for you!