Physical Examination and Treatment

    The level of medical care in Japan is ranked first in the world by the World Health Organization in terms of medical level, difficulty in receiving medical services, and fairness of medical expenses. The most shocking is the five-year survival rate of cancer patients in Japan is the highest, while the cancer mortality rate of cancer patients is the lowest.


    The five-year survival rate of cancer patients in Japan is the highest in the world. According to data on the five-year inventory rate of cancer patients in the country released by the National Cancer Research Center of Japan, the overall 5-year survival rate of cancer patients in Japan has reached 66.4%. Among them, the survival rate of prostate cancer with the highest survival rate is as high as 99.8%. Breast cancer is 92.2%, endometrial cancer is 82.2%, laryngeal cancer is 80.6%, and kidney cancer is 80.1%. Japanese cancer patients have the lowest mortality rate in the world. It is not only cancer, but also Japanese diabetes patients and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients. The survival rate is also the highest in the world.


However, the proportion of the population who has cancer in Japan is significant, with 977,000 cancer patients diagnosed in 2017. Many people are confused why the proportion of cancer patients in Japan is high. In contrast, the survival rate of cancer patients and the average life expectancy of the people are the highest in the world. Japan’s aging is closely related to the increase in cancer patients. At the same time, the high survival rate and extremely high average life expectancy are inseparable from accurate and frequent medical examinations in Japan. Because it is discovered early, patients can get timely treatment at an early stage. Japan's screening and identification skills are very advanced, and even a drop of blood or a drop of urine is useful to detect cancer. The medical examinations performed by Japanese medical examination hospitals are very precise, and the doctors will explain every detail very carefully and inform patients of every precaution. Some hospitals are able to provide reports of the examination results in Chinese. In addition, Japanese hospitals have a comprehensive system to "track patients". After each operation, the doctor needs to record the patient's condition and follow the patient's condition for a long time. Establishing a plan for regular inspections, reviews, and observations. So that every patient can receive timely and accurate treatment.


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